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    General Disability Information

General Disability Information

The following links provide more information about different kinds of disabilities, as well as their impact of disabilities on certain demographic groups, such as women and aboriginal persons with disabilities.


Hearing Disabilities

Visual Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities

BC Association for Community Living

POLARIS Employment Services Society
POLARIS supports job seekers with a developmental disabilities to access skill training, job search, initial on the job coaching and follow-up for success. For employers, POLARIS provides job analysis to determine a suitable match, support during job interview and selection if requested, access to wage subsidy information, job coaching and follow-up services to ensure a suitable job match, and retraining if a job change occurs.

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Physical Disabilities

Mental Disabilities

Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA)
This site gives a brief overview on "mental illness and work" by addressing such topics as stigma, the need for workplace flexibility, and the role that work plays in a person's recovery from mental illness.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
Visit this site for information useful to persons with psychiatric disabilities who are already students, and individuals who are considering higher education.

Coast Services / PACT Employment Services

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DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Canada
DAWN Canada is a national organization controlled by and comprised of women with disabilities, working to ensure that women with disabilities get the services and support they need, have access to opportunities that non-disabled people take for granted, and have freedom of choice in all aspect of their lives. This site provides links to current events, special initiatives, and an e-mail discussion list.

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